Saturday, March 27, 2021

Kings River Life: Review/Giveaway/Interview

It's an interview.
It's a review.
It's a giveaway of my book.
It's a threefer--
It must be seen to be believed!

 by Lorie Lewis Ham of  Kings River Life Magazine.

Kings River Life Magazine

From the review:
"This story is filled with many twists and turns, most of which I never saw coming. It was so much fun having all of these familiar characters thrown together in this new story. I felt like Miller’s portrayal of Holmes and Watson was accurate, which is always a key for me in enjoying a new Holmes adventure."

From the interview:
"For me, writing is like blowing up a balloon. I start with a few puffs: beginning, middle, and end, and then expand, and let the breaths mingle and heat up. I just have to keep from spitting too much."

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