Monday, April 25, 2022

King's River Life Review + Coal Tar


A new review of The Strange Case of the Dutch Painter:

"The mystery is filled with twists and turns, and there is even a bit of an added mystery in
the epilogue. If you are looking for a new Sherlock Holmes story that is a bit different then you are used to, be sure to check out The Strange Case of the Dutch Painter."

For the full review, check HERE.

Plus, a bonus article in which I take on the burning issue of Sherlock Holmes and coal tar derivatives!

"Instead of painting gods and heroes, kings and queens, they could paint street scenes, picnics by the river, water lilies, dancers, the whole joyous repertoire of everyday life for which we have come to love the Impressionists and with a whole new palette of bright synthetic colors to mix from."

Read it all in King's River Life Magazine.

Swoopers and Bashers, oh my!

 I'll admit right here and now:

I'm a swooper.

How about you?

Sunday, April 24, 2022

On entering Arles

 "I tripped over the threshold into the cafe, cutting a slice out of the early-morning silence. An old billiard table commandeered the center of the room, the baize worn down to the slate. It was flanked by a dozen granite-top tables. One of last night’s patrons was passed out face-down at a table near the door, with the reek of vomit rising from him. A small bar stood at the far end of the room beneath an old station-clock; its drip-drop tick-tock was the only answer to my call of good morning."

The Strange Case of the Dutch Painter

Thursday, April 14, 2022

At War with the Ants

 Here's a blast from the past. 

A screenplay which I wrote in 2010 was subsequently filmed by our local community college, BPCC. And now, barely 12 years later, there's a trailer up on Youtube. If you're curious, it's called At War with the Ants

Check it out.

And I guess, just in case you're so wowed by the trailer, that you'd like to see the whole movie, Go Here to buy.