Monday, November 28, 2022

Live: Nights in Qurtuba

 Now available on Kindle Vella:

The first episode of Nights in Qurtuba: the Yildiz Cycle.

The story of a king who loses everything: his queen, his throne, his life. And that's just the beginning of this tale.

The first three episodes are free right HERE.

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Friday, November 25, 2022

Nights in Qurtuba

 Coming soon to Kindle Vella,

a new episodic fantasy tale:

Come inside and eavesdrop on stories told in the Court of the Lions in the days of the caliphate. Listen to the cycle of the forgotten King Yildiz: his dethroning and deaths, his resurrections and struggles for the crown, stories full of bloody battles, hidden treasures, magical creatures and mystical talismans not seen since the age of Suleiman. When the muezzin calls the Maghrib prayer, come inside, come inside.

Friday, November 04, 2022

A hundred years ago

 100 years ago today King Tut's tomb was discovered. In celebration here's a nibble from my next Sherlock Holmes tale, The Strange Case of the Pharaoh's Heart

--provided my publisher publishes it:

"I have read since that Carter describes it as having a 'sad but tranquil expression.' True enough, but it’s also a bit unnerving, those large eyes staring up at you from centuries past, the oddly delicate, almost feminine features. I will never be quit of that unyielding golden face, nor the unasked question that seems to hang upon his lips."