Eliza Doolittle

Sherlock Holmes has retired to the Sussex countryside . . . that is, until a most formidable puzzle is dropped upon his doorstep by a certain Colonel Pickering.

One Miss Eliza Doolittle, once nothing more than a cockney guttersnipe, has been transformed into a proper lady of London--perhaps even a duchess?--as if overnight. When Col. Pickering recovered from a bout of malaria, he was astounded at the woman before him. Is it possible this transformation is due to nothing more than elocution lessons and some splendid new hats? Or has Professor Henry Higgins surreptitiously traded one girl for another? And for God's sake, why?

As the case unfolds, Holmes and Watson find themselves in ever stranger territory. Who are the four identical "Freddies" pursuing Miss Doolittle? What part do the respected Dr. Jekyll and his malevolent associate, Mr. Hyde, long thought dead, have to play in this caper? And who the devil is the devilish Baron von Stettin?

The Strange Case of Eliza Doolittle is an enthralling escapade starring some of Victorian literature's most beloved characters--a historical mystery that will leave you delighted, perplexed, and positively bewildered.


"...the plot is full of surprises sure to satisfy any Holmes aficionado, and the ending is quite affecting."--Trish MaceNultyHistorical Novel Society.

"So, on many levels, the novel is a lot of fun. I enjoyed this book more than many  a title I've read of late. A perfect diversion from the weird world of 2020."--Dr. Wesley BrittonBookpleasures.com.

"Holmes and Watson in a story perfectly suited for them make for a gripping, hugely entertaining, and very satisfying read."---Emily Melton, Booklist starred review.

If you're curious to see the world of Sherlock Holmes transformed in a way you've never seen before, you've got to check out The Strange Case of Eliza Doolittle. Well-written and well-conceived, this book has definitely earned the distinction of being one of the most intriguing and quirky literary mashups I've ever read! Not to be missed by fans of fun, creative reimaginings of classic characters and stories.--BiblioSanctum.

"This story is filled with many twists and turns, most of which I never saw coming. It was so much fun having all of these familiar characters thrown together in this new story. I felt like Miller's portrayal of Holmes and Watson was accurate, which is always a key for me in enjoying a new Holmes adventure." (Kings River Life Magazine)

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